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‘I Am On Your Side’

Kenneth Copeland

2 Jul 2020

“For you see, when you were born again I had a smile on My face because at that moment you became My child. And after you became My child, it was My express will for you to be able to commune with Me outside of your natural mind because I am not a mind. I am a spirit, and I love you. You are a spirit. You have a mind and you live in a body. And I want you to understand things. I want you to have supernatural understanding. I want you to have a supernatural force in you that will come rising up on the inside of you, and you pray in My Spirit long enough, you can find out anything you need to know. You praise and praise Me in the spirit long enough and I want you to know, the Spirit of worship will come. And when that Spirit of worship falls, the glory falls and you step into the unknown realm. You step out there in places where I said in My WORD, ‘If you will diligently seek Me, if you will come after Me with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, all your spirit; if you would diligently seek after Me, I will teach you’; and I’ll show you things that you never—that you don’t know; things maybe you never heard of before. For I am on your side. I’m always for you,” saith the Spirit of Grace. “I’m always there to help you. I’m always there to see to you. I’m always there to empower you. And I’ll do it if you’ll get Me on your mind and begin to walk in My place and walk in My ways. I don’t care what I’ve called you to do in life, that anointing is for you and in you. And if you will listen to My servant and join up with him, I’ll give you his anointing.”

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