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‘Everything Is Going to Be All Right!’

Kenneth Copeland

22 Apr 2016

“I talked about the mighty wave that’s just offshore. And that, as it comes in, you’re seeing it now. But it’ll increase and increase. And at first it looks like a tidal wave. But then you’ll realize it’s a tsunami of the power of the Spirit of God. It is a tsunami of the glory that’s crashing into the shores of this nation. But there is judgment that’s functioning, and that judgment is seedtime and harvest.

“When I told you, and when I told others certain things would take place if you did this, or if you did that, and you continue to do this, I give you a lot of time to repent. And back when this nation honored Me, and back when this nation cared for My Word, and back when this nation was spreading the Word of God all over the world, which its primary calling—back in those days, as in days of old, I protected it. My protecting hand was there. But the more you invited Me out of the schools, the more you invited Me to leave the Supreme Court, the more you invited Me to go look the other way, there comes a time when seedtime and harvest comes into play. And I had no way to stop it.

“However, those of you who have turned from your wicked ways, those of you who have humbled yourself before Me—those of you who live and walk by faith—you never have to change your lifestyle. Because you’re walking the same by faith day in and day out, good times and bad. And when these kinds of things begin to happen, you begin to see that there is also not just a tsunami of the glory coming, but there has also been a sin flood. Amen. But for those who will seek first the kingdom of God, who will seek My way of doing things, who will look unto Me as your Source, who will learn that your giving and your sowing is more powerful than all of the earth’s economy, if you’ll begin to put My Word in your heart, My Word in your mind, My Word in your mouth, you begin to sow it into your own ears, you begin to talk it, think it, live it, eat and sleep it, I said you will not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of My mouth.

“And when you feed My Word into your spirit, faith cometh. Faith cometh. Faith cometh. And faith will arise. Faith will come up. And when faith comes up, glory be to God, it is a mighty force. Hallelujah. Faith cometh. And when faith arises, and faith comes, it’ll drill down, it’ll drill down, and drill down, it’ll drill down through all the fear. It’ll drill down through all the unbelief. It’ll drill down through all your debts. It’ll drill down for all of the lack and the lack of supply. It’ll drill down through the devil’s operation and all the sickness and disease, and explode into healing, and explode into life, and explode into health. And it’ll seem like you’re somebody from another life and somebody from another world. And you’ll begin to prosper because you have begun to say, ‘I insist on keeping the New Testament love commandments. I insist on keeping this command, Sir. I am yours to command, Lord Jesus. I’m a soldier in the army of the Lord. Hallelujah. I’m a man, I’m a woman of faith. Amen. I insist on myself living by faith. I insist on my mouth being obedient to the things of God.’

“And those who will listen to Me, and those who will follow Me, and those who will walk in these days and stand on My Word and realize I am your source, I am your only Source. There are a lot of different avenues and channels, but I am your Source,” saith The LORD Jesus, and saith the greater One who lives on the inside of you. “If you’ll look to Me, I will increase you. If you will look to Me and get rid of being covetous, get rid of being afraid, get rid of all of these different things, I’ll raise you up. I’ll deliver you from poverty. For it’s under the curse and I was made to be the curse so you could be THE BLESSING of Abraham. And in that day, in that day of trouble, in that day for the faithful, for the committed, everything is going to be all right.”

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