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‘Days of Victory’!

Kenneth Copeland

2 Jul 2020

“Like gentle falling rain, like fluttering leaves drifting to the earth, it will seem as though financial rain has come, and it seems as though it just floated into your place. Only, however, for the steady ones, only for those that have said, ‘No. No. All is well in the household of faith. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I know who it’s coming from. And His Name is Jesus.’ My Man Jesus, my Man Jesus has been here. My Man Jesus knows what this is all about. My Man Jesus preached in a desert where there was nothing and He took the little loaves and the little fishes, and He fed thousands and thousands and thousands. And these are not days of famine. Long ways from being days of famine. These are the days of victory… These are the days of the outpouring. It’s finally here. It’s finally here.”

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