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Changes Will Be Made

Kenneth Copeland

11 Nov 1995

“And there’s going to be political offices that change. And some of them are going to be the strangest-looking things. There are going to be politicians who are going to come in some morning and call a press conference and say the strangest things.

“Some of them are going to say strange things over on the perverted side of things. And you’re going to think, Dear God, that, that—I thought that fellow was a pretty smart fellow, but my, my, my, my, my! Have you ever heard such stuff come out of a man’s mouth? And you’re going to say, ‘Whoooh! He couldn’t hide it anymore! He couldn’t hide it anymore! It’s because of that meeting and all that prayer…and all this time we’ve”…. Why, this place is changing!’

“And you’ll continue to say it. And you’ll continue to say it. And the more you say it, the more change you’ll see! And then the more it will happen. And then some other politician will come in and he’ll call a press conference and he’ll say some of the best things you ever heard in your life! And you’ll think, I didn’t think that fellow had a lick of sense! Listen to what he’s saying!

“Some of them are going to come in and change parties right in the middle of the stream. Because you see,” saith the Lord, “I’ve already taken over the federal government. I took it over some time ago. And I’m already changing—I’m already changing those parties up. Some of them just can’t help it. They just get up some morning and they’ve got to change parties.” And He said, “I’m doing that! I’m doing that,” saith the Lord. “They’re going to zigzag back and forth, run around in circles…ha, ha, ha; it’s because I’m telling them where to go and what to do, and some of them don’t know how to act.

“But I’m changing it. I’m changing—I’m going to change things in this next election, too,” saith the Lord! “I’m going to make some big changes. I’m going to make some big changes!

“And there’s coming some great changes in the state of Florida and the Gulf Coast areas of the United States. Because I have great outpouring revival planned here. And I am not going to allow men and women—religious or political—to stop what I’m doing.

“You can go with Me, or you can get out of the way…but you’re not going to stop Me. My hour has come,” saith the Lord. “Changes will be made. Changes will be made. Changes will be made.”

© 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka: Kenneth Copeland Publications. All rights reserved.

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