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‘A Great Awakening’

Kenneth Copeland

15 Feb 2009

“There is in the land today a great awakening,” saith The LORD. “I’m wakening the sinner. I am waking up those that have been asleep in the Church. I am waking up people all over this nation.

“For you see, this nation lost its light. It lost its guidance. It no longer knows what it’s for and what I designed it to be. It is a lighthouse. It is like a city set on top of a hill; not just liberty in the natural physical manner, but it is the cradle of the gospel of The LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That’s what I raised it up to be.

“And of course, Satan has tried to destroy it. He’s trying it again but he has never ever accomplished anything that he ever set out to do. So this awakening is at hand and this church and those in it are a great part of that awakening. This place is a lighthouse church. It is a marked congregation. For out of this place will come great, good news to the land, great and wonderful things—miracles, outpourings, revelations. Many of you, many of you, many of you, all of you, if you desire, but many of you have sought Me for this and this will come to pass.

“You’ll be walking in the marketplace. You’ll walk into the place where you up to now have worked. You will be walking down the street, in the grocery store, and you won’t know it. You won’t even see it, but others will begin to see a light and a glow around you. Some will fall at your feet and begin to weep. Don’t be shocked. Don’t be dismayed. It’s not you they’re trying to worship. Don’t be embarrassed. Lead them in the sinner’s prayer. Lay your hands on them and you’ll see great and wonder”…signs and wonders and the miraculous. Be very careful. Be very careful, very careful. You are the messenger. I am the miracle worker. And if you’ll keep it in that order, we’ll continue to work together and we will continue to move forward.

“Now this word: There is already mighty seeds sown throughout the island of Cuba. Mighty seeds have been sown there and they are growing. They are flourishing and there will be people from this congregation that will minister on the island of Cuba, throughout the entire country of Cuba, and Havana will come to be known as the place where the gospel has exploded. These things are at hand. This is happening now.

“The world and its systems are caving in. The Babylonian structures are falling in on their foundationless footings, and I now have a people in this land that are ready and prepared. And if you’ll stay close to Me, stay close to Me in prayer, stay close to Me in your tithing, stay close to Me in your offerings, be obedient to Me, report for duty every morning. Report to Me first,” saith The LORD.

“I’m not telling you to report to your job first. Report to Me first. I am your employer. I’m the One that takes care of you. You only have one source—many channels but only one source. If you’ll look to Me and if you will walk with Me, there will be things take place that will absolutely boggle the imagination of the people around you. For there is a supernatural release from heaven, a divine release of supernatural multiplication, a divine release of glory coming into this place, and you are earmarked as carriers and messengers of My goodness and My grace. Take your place and see what I will do in this land,” saith The LORD.

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