Partner Letter December 2020

Be strong IN THE LORD. But wait! Don’t stop there. It says, “and in the POWER of HIS MIGHT”! Faith people don’t have breakdowns. We enter into His rest (Hebrews 4:9-12). Your and my confession of faith therefore is: “I believe it in my heart, so I continue to say it with my mouth: ‘I am strong in The LORD and in the power of His might.

Partner Letter August 2019

We are the temple of the Living GOD! He said, “I will dwell in you. I will walk in you. You will be My people. I will be a Father to you. You will be My sons and daughters!” Who said that? THE LORD ALMIGHTY

Partner Letter December 2016

If we only knew the extent of the honor and power that has been bestowed on us as believers, every one of us would be living examples of what Jesus was like when He was living and ministering on the earth.

Partner Letter June 2013

We are not just to be strong, but to be strong IN THE LORD and in the power of HIS might! His might is spiritual might because God is a Spirit.