Partner Letter May 2021

It doesn’t matter what any man says about God. It’s what the Bible says that counts! Now you know Adam must have said, “Wow! Now THIS is GOOD!” The Great and Good God created good things. Our Wonderful and Good God has never, ever created anything that was bad.

Partner Letter October 2020

To declare, or make a declaration, is to announce the facts and stand your ground. Can you see it? You’re not arguing with God. You’re taking your stand on His WORD with THE TRUTH about your case.

Partner Letter September 2020

I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live. Now let’s look at the practical side of this: Never underestimate a delay. Remember, we’re talking about bad things happening to good people.

Partner Letter February 2020

He’s THE ALMIGHTY GOD. That still doesn’t say enough. In Hebrew, He actually said, “I am EL SHADDAY”* The root word of shadday efers to the breast of a woman—(The one who nourishes; the one who gives life. It means “the God who is more than enough.”

Partner Letter October 2016

Jesus is interested in one thing: YOUR AND MY FREEDOM, and the freedom of every living soul on this planet from sin, shame, sickness and poverty.

Partner Letter September 2016

He’s no longer the JESUS in the picture on the Sunday school wall. HE IS LORD! And HE did all this not for Himself, but for you and me, so HE could raise us up together and have us be seated together with Him on the THRONE of GRACE.

Partner Letter January 2014

You are not a little like Jesus. You are exactly like Him. We have the exact same spiritual DNA because we—Jesus, you and me—were born of The WORD! But now, what’s so thrilling about Ephesians 5:30 is that we’re not only one Spirit with The LORD, but we’re flesh of HIS FLESH and bone of HIS BONE.

Partner Letter November 2013

There it is, step by step, like I said. Verse 16 says we are strengthened in the inner man by the FATHER who dwells within. Then, comes FAITH, ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE! Then, comes wisdom and understanding of God, who is LOVE, who is dwelling within.