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How to Stand for Your Covenant Rights

6 May 2022

You may not know it, but we’re at war. We’re in a spiritual battle—and we’re winning. But just like Israel had to rise up physically to take the land of Canaan, you and I have to rise up in the spirit if we’re going to establish the dominion of God in the earth.

Your being born in the country where you live gives you certain legal rights as a human being. As a Christian, you also have certain legal rights and choices spiritually and physically. Why? Because Jesus bought and paid for those rights.

Jesus took Satan’s legal rights away from him when He rose from the grave, and He has put us in charge of enforcing Satan’s defeat. The Bible says that Jesus will sit at the right hand of the Father until His enemies are made His footstool (Hebrews 10:12-13). Do you know what that means? It means Jesus is waiting on us to kick Satan and his crew out of this world’s affairs! He’s waiting on us to carry out the victory He won at the Cross.

You have legal rights in God to operate in this Kingdom.  All you need to know is: How do you do it? Here are three ways you can stand for your legal covenant rights:

1. Know your rights.

If you’re going to fight for your covenant rights, the first thing you need to do is find out what they are! Where do you find them? In the Word of God. The Bible is your spiritual “bill of righteousness,” outlining all the rights and privileges available to you. Whether or not you partake of your rights is another matter. Ignorance will rob you of the abundant life that is freely available to you.

The best illustration of this is the story of the man who saved for years to be able to buy a boat ticket to America. Once he had saved enough, he bought his ticket and boarded the ship. Since he didn’t have any money left for food, he brought along some crackers and cheese. Every evening at mealtime, he would look into the dining room at the other passengers enjoying their food, then he would return to his cabin and eat his crackers and cheese. The day the ship docked in New York harbor, a steward came to him and said, “Sir, have we offended you in any way? I noticed that you didn’t eat any of your meals in our dining room.” The man answered, “Oh, no! You see, I didn’t have enough money for meals, so I ate in my room.” Then the steward said, “But sir, your meals were included in the ticket!”

There is so much included in your right-standing with God, which was provided through Christ Jesus. Let’s take a look at a short list of your rights. This is by no means an exhaustive list—so be sure to check the Word whenever you have a need or desire!

  • You have a right to approach the throne of God—to pray
  • You have a right to a healthy body and mind
  • You have a right to prosper on the earth in all things:
    • To be debt free
    • To have a home
    • To have a car—or two cars
    • To have more than enough to prosper and share with the poor and promote the gospel
    • To bear children
    • To have healthy and positive relationships
  • You have a right to be free of all fear and have total peace
  • You have a right to use the Name of Jesus
  • You have a right to take authority over the devil
  • You have a right to expect good things in this life
  • You have a right to live long on the earth.

2. Stake your claim.

Once you know your rights, you can now stake your claim and put a demand for those rights. Now, you’re not demanding them from God—He already provided them for you. You’re demanding that the devil release them into your hands!


Go to the Word, find the scriptures that outline your right in the area you are seeking. Then, you take a stand. If you are believing to be debt free, for example, you can say this:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, your Word says that I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13), and that I am to owe no man anything but to love him (Romans 13:8). You said You give Your children good and perfect gifts from above (James 1:17), and You take pleasure in the prosperity of Your servants (Psalm 35:27). So, right now, in the Name of Jesus, I declare that I am debt free. I speak to the mountain of debt and command it to move in Jesus’ Name! Devil—you release what is rightfully mine right now in the Name of Jesus! You will not steal from me, you have no authority in my life; now go!

3. Expect to receive it.

Here comes the tough part. You need to stand. Not just for a minute or a month—but for as long as it takes. That’s how you claim your rights. As Brother Copeland says, “I don’t have to play a nine-inning game with the devil. I play till I win. It’s my bat, it’s my ball, and my Father is the judge. We don’t quit till we win.”

4. Thank God as you enjoy it.

Thank God before it manifests; thank Him after it manifests. There is a faith in thanksgiving that seals your rights in place. So, thank God after you stake your claim. Let Him know you are expecting it to come to pass. Keep praising and keep thanking—it will ruffle the devil’s feathers until he has to turn tail and run the other way. Then, when you get your answer, give God the glory. And thank Him and praise Him some more.

When you take the time to stand for your rights by knowing what they are, staking your claim, expecting results and thanking God, you’ll be the victor in the courts of heaven. When you do, righteousness will become an active, powerful force in your life!

As always, if you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call our prayer ministers at 0860 10 33 56 or submit a prayer request. Any day of the year, we’re here for you!

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