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How To Obliterate the Top 5 BLESSING Blockers

25 May 2023

Are you experiencing a delay in receiving the desires of your heart?

Yes, there is God’s perfect timing, but it’s important to determine whether you’re waiting for His timing or if your delay is a hindrance that needs to be cast into the sea.

Here, we’re sharing the top 5 BLESSING blockers and how to obliterate them to expedite your manifestation!

1. Check the Lens You Use to See.

If the manifestation of your dreams has been delayed—especially for a long time—you can start to see everything through a lens of cynicism, doubt or fear. This is dangerous because it can actually cause you to miss your answer. Longtime disappointment can cloud your vision. Get with the Lord and ask Him to help you stir up a spirit of expectancy again, and don’t let yourself speak doubt-filled, negative words. Expect great things all the time! It’s His will for you.

2. Eliminate Unforgiveness or Bitterness.

Even if you have everything else in your life in line spiritually, any trace of unforgiveness and bitterness will make those things obsolete. That’s because faith doesn’t work without love, and love isn’t active in an unforgiving heart. You may not feel that you have unforgiveness, but a deep and honest search might reveal otherwise. Spend time with the Lord and ask Him to reveal any area of unforgiveness in your life. (It may be a much older incident than you thought!) Then, take the time to forgive by faith, and remember to ask for God’s help! Forgiveness is something that most often requires supernatural assistance. Forgive and obliterate that BLESSING blocker from your life forever!

3. Address All Areas of Disobedience.

Disobedience—even on the smallest level—will keep you walking round and round in circles wondering why you aren’t arriving at your destination. Some people don’t like to admit they have things that need fixing—but we all do! Have the humility to learn of and fix areas of disobedience. It will absolutely obliterate that blockage you haven’t been able to identify.

Here’s how:

1. Check your love walk. This is the most common area of disobedience.

2. Check your finances. Are you tithing? Sowing? Being honest in your taxes? Financial BLESSINGS will be blocked if these things aren’t in line.

3. Check your words. Are you obeying God in the area of speaking life over yourself? Are you positive and encouraging, or are you critical and gossiping?

Ask God to shine a light on your heart, so you can identify any other areas of disobedience that might be hanging out in your life. It may be something you haven’t even noticed! Then, make the fix, and watch for those BLESSINGS to come pouring in.

4. Cast the Cares of This World.

What are the cares of this world? Overthinking, worrying or having anxiety about your health, finances, job, marriage and children. This can be a daily struggle, but the bottom line is, you can’t be in fear and walk in faith at the same time.

To obliterate this BLESSING blocker, you’ve got to practice! Whenever you start to slip over into fearful, worried thoughts, stop yourself and do these three things:

1. Start praising God. When you worship and praise Him, you move over into a place of acknowledging who He is, and take your focus on your troubles and put them over onto Him.

2. Make a list of scriptures you can quickly reference for any situation (start your list with these Psalms for Any Situation). Then, before your mind starts running wild, get over into the Word. Remind yourself of the truth, and speak it out loud.

3. Talk to your fear! The devil is the author of fear and confusion, so you have to resist him to get fear to leave. Say it out loud, “Fear, I resist you in Jesus’ Name. Now go!”

5. Rid Yourself of Religious Tradition.

Religious traditions are a major BLESSING blocker in the Body of Christ. The sad part is that most believers don’t even know they’ve bought into the lies. If it’s taught at church, they believe it. But you’ve got to be a person who finds out the truth for yourself. Don’t let religious tradition keep you from what God has. Obliterate this BLESSING blocker by having ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that is willing to understand. Ask the Lord to show you where a misconception may be hindering you from walking into THE BLESSING.

Now that you know how to obliterate these BLESSING blockers, don’t delay! Get rid of everything that’s been holding you back, and break forth into your victory and live in the land of good and plenty!

As always, if you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call our prayer ministers at 0860 10 33 56 or submit a prayer request. Any day of the year, we’re here for you!

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