5 Quick Tips for Holding Your Tongue

Always need to have the last word? Can’t stand it when you can’t respond to a criticism? Have trouble avoiding gossip? It’s time for a crash course in holding your tongue! By your words you are justified, by your words you are condemned—so don’t condemn yourself! Your tongue is the way to victory or destruction. […]

3 Steps to Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. It can bring peace to troubled souls and offer hope for those needing a change. Sadly, the hardest person to forgive may be yourself. Perhaps you’ve heard that God forgives you, but in your own heart and mind, you struggle to accept it. You may battle against the shame and […]

A 3-Step Plan to Live From the Inside Out


You’ve got a situation. Something needs fixing—fast. An illness, a relationship or a financial hardship; or a decision must be made. Your first thought? What does the internet say…(insert wrong answer buzzer sound here). Answers, breakthrough and victory can only come one way—living with a God-inside consciousness. That means being continually aware that everything you […]

Should I or Shouldn’t I? 4 Questions To Ask When Deciding What’s Right

In seeking to live a godly lifestyle and honor the Lord, many Christians have questions about right living and making good decisions. From what to eat or drink, to whether to watch a certain movie, to who we spend time with, some things are less clear than others. But God is not the author of […]

26 Reasons to Be Thankful

If there were ever a time when we needed to focus on being thankful—it’s now. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, let’s take a step back from the temptation to grumble about the state of our world and magnify the good things God has given us to enjoy. As we’ve learned from so many others before us […]

4 Ways To Rewrite Your Story & Change Your Life!

This is a story about a Christian who loved the Lord, sought to serve Him, and desired to live a life filled with the countless victories He promised in His Word. But something was troubling this Christian. You see, there were promises unfulfilled, desires unmet year after year, and a story that seemed to be […]

6 Rewards of Drawing Near to God

Drawing near to God isn’t just a religious exercise or a duty—it’s a path to great reward. The Supreme Court of the United States is a place of honor, respect and procedure. Many of us would like to show up and pursue some righteous changes in the Court, and if we were given the privilege, […]

Kenneth Copeland’s “Jonah” Experience

In 1966, Kenneth Copeland had a “Jonah” experience when he was suddenly swallowed up one night in Marshall, Texas. Only God didn’t send a whale to turn Kenneth Copeland around. “God, who is my Deliverer, was waiting on me in Tulsa,” Brother Copeland recalls of that life-changing incident. “But instead of heeding the call of […]

How to Walk in the Spirit

You can be guided by the Holy Spirit 24/7. Here are five steps to help you learn how to walk in the spirit. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? A cup of coffee? How comfortable your bed is? Your list of things to do? Every decision and […]

4 Ways to Clear a Path to Your Dreams

Have you hit some road trouble on the path to your dreams? Potholes and boulders, and dead ends and ditches. Construction and traffic and sudden lane switches. Slow drivers making us come to a halt. These are a few of our least favorite things! What about the path to your dreams? Does it ever seem like you’re trudging along while facing one […]