A 3-Step Plan to Live From the Inside Out


You’ve got a situation. Something needs fixing—fast. An illness, a relationship or a financial hardship; or a decision must be made. Your first thought? What does the internet say…(insert wrong answer buzzer sound here). Answers, breakthrough and victory can only come one way—living with a God-inside consciousness. That means being continually aware that everything you […]

26 Reasons to Be Thankful

If there were ever a time when we needed to focus on being thankful—it’s now. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, let’s take a step back from the temptation to grumble about the state of our world and magnify the good things God has given us to enjoy. As we’ve learned from so many others before us […]

How to Be Bold as a Lion

Do you approach life with the boldness of a lion? You have everything it takes to operate in spiritual boldness. Find out how to be bold as a lion! Charging through the savannahs of Africa, the mighty lion is regal and fearless in his pursuit. Known as “the king of beasts,” he possesses courage and […]