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How To Live by Faith Every Day

Do you know how to live by faith every day? Join Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he shows you how you can start by taking one step at a time. You’ll discover what faith is, where it comes from and the four fundamentals you can start putting into practice today!


Express Your Faith With Corresponding Action

If you want to live by faith every day, it’s time to get picky about your words! Watch Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he shares how to express your faith with corresponding action and the words you speak. When they line up with faith, you’ll always prosper—no matter what’s happening in the world!


How the Law of Faith Works

Jesus lived by faith, and He showed us how the fundamentals work! Join Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he reveals how to operate in the God kind of faith every day. Learn how the law of faith works, as you follow the perfect example set by our Savior!


Choose THE BLESSING Every Day

What do you say about your circumstances? Watch Believer’s Voice of Victory as Kenneth Copeland shares the power of choosing THE BLESSING in your life every day. See how God has provided everything you need to live in victory—all you have to do is choose it!


You Are Redeemed by Love

You are redeemed by Love! Watch Believer’s Voice of Victory as Kenneth Copeland speaks of how Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the Law. Discover just how precious your obedience to God is and the great BLESSING that comes along with it!

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