Victory Channel-Morning Prayer Request

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Our prayer ministers from Africa to America are ready to stand in agreement with you!

Note that this form is only for those who consent to have a summary of their prayer request sent to our US office. Contact information or personal identifiers will not be shared. Only a summary of your request, your first name, and country/city might be read LIVE on Victory Channel’s Morning Prayer program on Tuesdays at 15:30 [South African Time] – time permitting. Find out more about victory channel here!

Join us every Tuesday on Facebook and stand in agreement with Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners and Friends from around the globe. 

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  • Please provide your consent.

    By selecting "Yes I consent", you consent to us processing your information and providing us with the necessary permission to forward your prayer request to our USA office. You are also giving consent for a summary of your prayer request to be read live on air during the Victory Channel Morning Prayer program. You have to be 18 years or older to submit a prayer request on this form. To protect your privacy, your full name and surname will not be used.
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