TOEFL exam money

Some time in 2015, I planted my partner seed asking for prayer for direction as to where I could find a place to study for a PhD. Early this year, I found a place in Canada. However, one of the application requirements was that I take a TOEFL exam, which in Zimbabwe was going to be difficult to raise the money. I send in a prayer request to KCM.

Afterwards God gave me wisdom by leading me to brother Copeland’s sermon on How to receive the Heavenly Grant. I did the same thing and planted my seed into KCM believing for a grant of $176 towards payment for the TOEFL exam. Everytime the enemy tried to challenge me, I would repeat the same words brother Copeland used by reminding the enemy that I had a heavenly grant. Within a month, God came through for me and the TOEFL fee was paid in full through a very unlikely channel. Glory to God.



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