The story behind the glory

It was the darkest moment of my life; I was angry with everything and everyone. I had lost everything, my family, then not long after my husband died of illness and my kids were in a home. I had never felt so at a loss, it was so frightening that’s medication became the order of my days. Drugs and booze took over my life and just when you think God has abandoned you a voice infiltrates and I felt the power of a holy God. It was the year 2013 when God and the holy spirit interceded in my life. not realizing at that moment God was going to use my mess into a message and manifest his glory through me. When Jesus touched my body, no doctor could heal me because I was struck by a demonic spirit. You see family, demonic spirits controlled me and every decision I made. I was introduced to NCF north south Africa by my present apostle and father of our ministry. MJL and Michelle Jean Louis my apostle has been my great pillar of strength and great mentor and a great leader. thank you Merv you changed so many lives. don’t try and work God into your life, work your life around God. Present problems don’t mean the absence of God. No matter what your story is, change your thinking. Everyone faces storms in life, but it won’t sweep you away. Its most fill fulling that we can go through anything in life and know we have an all-powerful, almighty councilor on our side.
Very briefly sharing my testimony is my greatest blessing. How God changed my life and yes today I still have my challengers. I lost my job due to illness both myself and husband have been unemployed but God has been faithful to his children and we too must remain in faith cause our Lord is the source of all life, provider of every good gift and a life of prosperity. For were they are planted and rooted they shall flourish, thank you it was an honor to share and to manifest to you the glory of God in and through our lives. Amen praise be to God and our Lord and savior.


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