Because of Christ, I am still standing!!!

Greetings in Jesus Name. I write to you following the January 2019 testimony R. B. from Overland Park, Kans.. I would like to give glory to the Almighty God for your love, support, Kenneth, Gloria and your entire ministry team. You have been my strength. I, also, passed through crises and challenges, which, among others, losing the only parent I ever had and knew [...]

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Please join me in thanksgiving to my King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Together with your ministry touched and agreed on my employment, and the Lord God has done it again! He has release His Sword! 5777!!!

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Job Transfer and Promotion

Praise the Lord! I've been working in Kasese which is 380 kilometers away from Kampala Uganda's capital city for the past two and a half years. I've been married for six years and we're blessed with two boys, a three year old and a five year old. My family live in Kampala which is 380 km away from Kasese where I've been working. I've [...]

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KCM going the extra mile

In 2000-2003, we were missionaries in Moscow. Our son was 5-8 years old. He contracted symptoms of the Sars virus one evening. We had on our healing CD and were praying intensely because we did not trust the Russian medical system and did not have the means to fly him out of Russia, like the other expats. At about 9pm, outside of KCM SA [...]

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Restored and delivered from suicide, drugs, sex etc

After several prayer request from your South African office and over many years (10 years) God restored and delivered my eldest daughter Merissa from every bondage thinkable. Her eldest son (age 8) stayed with us and her other two kids (age 3 & 4) were with there father. We had her stay with us and then she would disappear with goods to sell and [...]

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