Sozo healing

Good day Bro Kenneth and Sis Gloria Copeland

Your ministry has taught me so much. I’m more grounded and rooted in faith now.

My testimony came when started experiencing pain in my knee and with time the situation was getting worse and worse even though I was confessing the word concerning my healing. Last Sunday I went to church (my church is another ministry, not KCM or Eagle Mountain) and incredibly the whole service, which was the morning and afternoon of the day, I felt no pain. As well as the rest of the day. But the following morning the situation started again and it was worse than before.

Until, “Hallelujah!” I listened to two messages on YouTube by Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim.
The first one was on Shalom and the other on Sozo. I had been declaring that I have Shalom because the chastisement that was needful to obtain shalom for me was upon Jesus on the cross (Isaiah 53:5). And I did understand that shalom meant wholeness, nothing missing nothing broken.

When I heard the teaching on Sozo by Billye Brim I got so excited that the salvation I know I have meant that I have been made whole. I was not claiming something that is supposed to be mine and I needed to bring to my life. “I am saved” meant that I have been made whole.

With that mindset and conviction I started confessing that on Tuesday afternoon and my knee just felt better and better until I felt no pain.

I know that this is just the beginning of great manifestations of the glorious life Jesus has made possible for me. Because I’m saved. I have been made whole.

Thank you so much once again KCM. Your reward surely is very great.



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