Restored and delivered from suicide, drugs, sex etc

After several prayer request from your South African office and over many years (10 years) God restored and delivered my eldest daughter Merissa from every bondage thinkable.

Her eldest son (age 8) stayed with us and her other two kids (age 3 & 4) were with there father. We had her stay with us and then she would disappear with goods to sell and it became a complete nightmare with constant strife and fights. As God fearing parents we prayed and decided for her to leave a week went by when we had no idea was she still alive or not but every morning God would wake me to intercede for her soul and spirit, against a spirit of suicide, which I did.

Later during that week God woke my husband and showed him a picture of her dressed in all black clothes from top to bottom and I then shared with him what God had me do. Within a week she contacted her father and told him how God arrested her soul and spirit and that she would love to come and talk to us what has happened in her life after sleeping on a cold cement floor, rats running around her and an old bible she picked up after a friend threw it away. She recommitted her life to Jesus after backsliding for 10 years and has never looked back.

God has restored every relationship in her life, her 3 kids are back with her, God provided her with a good job, a car paid cash, she’s serving God in a faith preached church, she’s working in the youth ministry, learned to become debt free, she’s not dating and awaiting for a Godly husband etc….God made EVERYTHING new in her life. From next year she’s going to bible school part time.

If I can say something here as a mother and that’s to rather pray for our children instead of pushing God’s word down their throats (she attended bible school as a 16 year old) but says that she would rather do it now as her desire is there! I want to praise & honor GOD for what HE did in Merissa’s life and exited to see how HE is going to use her!!!

Thank you for all your faithful teachings Kenneth & Gloria…God bless you both


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