How Do I Pray God’s Will for My Life?

Often Christians will worry about whether or not they’re praying according to God’s will. To really honor God’s position, we must pray what He has already declared to be His will…and that’s found in the Word of God.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is not an emotional release or an escape route. It is much more than just asking God for a favor. And it is most definitely not a religious exercise. God responds to faith, so just repetition and beautiful words do not get the attention of God. You

Are There Different Kinds of Prayer?

The Bible instructs us to “pray always with all prayer.” There is more than just one kind of prayer, and depending on what you desire from God, you need to understand the importance of each one.

What Things Can Block My Prayers?

Unanswered prayer is not the result of God’s unwillingness to use His power, but because of hindrances we allow to overcome us. Read about them here.

What Is Fasting?

Check in with this five-step checklist for fasting that will help you put yourself in a position to receive from God.

Prayer Over Your Children

Father God, today I stand in the gap for my children. I thank You that Your mercy hovers over them. I pray that You would soften their hearts and keep them open to the leading of Your Spirit. Satan, in Jesus’ Name, I bind you from so much as sowing a seed of rebellion in […]