7 Points of Intercession To Pray as a Church

As powerful as individual prayer can be, there’s something that happens when people come together in a spirit of faith to pray that can only happen in a corporate setting. Not just in an atmosphere where people are reciting a prayer in unison—that’s religious habit—but coming together in one accord to move heaven to earth and impact […]

How to Set and Meet Prayer Goals

Need to establish a prayer routine? Try these tips on how to set and meet prayer goals. If there ever was a day when you must know God’s will and purpose for your life, it’s now. God is constantly changing and rearranging things in your favor—but if you’re going to keep up, you must know […]

How Do I Pray God’s Will for My Life?

Often Christians will worry about whether or not they’re praying according to God’s will. To really honor God’s position, we must pray what He has already declared to be His will…and that’s found in the Word of God.

“Help! Jesus, I Need You!”

Are you in trouble and need Jesus to intervene on your behalf? Have you prayed, but can’t seem to hear an answer? Do you feel like screaming, “Help, Jesus, I need You!” If so, you’ll want to read this article.

Are There Different Kinds of Prayer?

The Bible instructs us to “pray always with all prayer.” There is more than just one kind of prayer, and depending on what you desire from God, you need to understand the importance of each one.