Faith and Patience: A Powerful Team

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Faith and Patience: A Powerful Team
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Satan will put strong pressure on you to faint and give up. Sometimes you want to succumb to the pressure and let go of God’s Word. Don’t do it! You cannot give in to Satan’s pressure without throwing away your confidence in God’s Word. To act on Satan’s pressure you have to lay down the promises found in the Bible. There is no middle ground. When it comes to standing on the Word you are either on or off. Say this out loud: “I will not succumb to pressure. I am moved by nothing except the Word of God.”

When Satan’s pressure says that God’s Word is not working, patience rejects it as a lie. Patience has no fear. Patience knows that God’s Word has never failed. If you are to please God you must operate in faith. Faith not only believes that God exists, but that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. The instant you draw back in fear, you quit operating in faith.

Lord, I am a believer, not a doubter. My faith is strengthened by the power of patience, and it defends and protects my soul from Satan’s attacks. I believe I receive by faith. My faith is grounded securely in God’s Word, and it is proof that I have received, even though I may not see it yet with my natural eye. I remain steadfast, regardless of the situation I am facing. I will not give up, and I continue to put the Word first place in my life! Amen.