A Faith-based Prayer for Your Giving

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A Faith-based Prayer for Your Giving
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Pray according to God's Word when you give, and receive the promised harvest on your seed sown.

Father, Your Word says that He who ministers seed to the sower both ministers bread for my food and multiplies my seed sown and increases the fruits of my righteousness. Therefore, I am enriched in everything to all boutifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God. I thank You for it, Lord.

I stand on Mark 4:23 which says, "if any man have ears to hear, let him hear." So I make the decision right now to receive. I will receive. I will do all the things necessary. I will plant—I am planting now. I put the sickle to the harvest. My confession is on the Word. My confession is by faith.

In Jesus' Name, I receive now by faith the hundredfold return on this seed that is in my hand. I do this in obedience to the Word.

And, Satan, in the Name of Jesus, I rebuke you. You are the persecutor. Take your hands off my money! This is not your seed. It is not your land. It is mine and God's. Stay out of my garden! Stay off my farm, for the harvest is mine!

Lord Jesus, I plant this seed into                      (ministry or church) and believe in its return because You said it. I dedicate it to Your service, to Your affairs, in Jesus' Name. It will be as the loaves and fishes when You used the hundredfold principle to feed the people. Amen!


Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 9:10-11; Mark 4, 6:34-44, 10:29-30