Many churches and ministries honor God by tithing from the money they receive. And there is scriptural precedent for this. In Numbers 18:26-32, the Levites were instructed to take a tenth of the offerings given to them and return it as an offering to the Lord. In addition to that, they were to give freewill offerings from the tithes given to them.

There is an exciting benefit from tithing as a ministry. The church or ministry that tithes reaps the same blessings as do individual tithers!

This has been especially important in the history of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. In 1984, at a time when Brother Copeland was praying for wisdom about some financial challenges the ministry was having, God answered that KCM was to begin tithing. In the natural, Brother Kenneth didn’t see how giving more would help the ministry get out of debt, but God immediately honored his obedience, and the ministry’s finances turned around!

The most important thing for an organization to do is spend time with God and receive His specific direction for how He would have them handle their tithes and offerings. The Lord specifically told Brother Copeland that KCM was to sow into other ministries that reach those people we do not often minister to. Some of the ministries receiving our support include missionaries and evangelists, prison ministries, military chaplains, churches, Bible schools, Bible translation groups and orphanages.

Together with our Partners and Friends, we have fed the hungry, translated books into Russian, Chinese and Spanish, supported a home for unwed mothers and their babies, funded Bible schools, and ministered to incarcerated men and women as well as prison chaplains. We have brought hope and comfort to disaster victims, the homeless and the orphaned. Likewise, we know that as they receive specific direction from the Lord, other ministries and churches will be amazed at what they are able to accomplish for the Lord through their giving!