We maintain our healing the same way we received our healing…by the power of God’s Word and by our taking hold of the finished work of Jesus.

Once we have been healed of an ailment or disease, we should continue to declare God’s Word over the situation, giving thanks for the manifestation of healing in our body. When asked about it, we should give the credit where it’s due—to the Word and to the Lord Jesus.

Our continual acknowledgement of the work of the Word and the Cross in our lives will close the door to any way the enemy may try to get back into the situation. And when we sense him tempting us in this area, we definitely should remind the enemy who he is (a liar) and who we are (children of God) and how we got our lasting healing (the Word and our Savior).

When we maintain our focus on the Word and the Lord, maintaining our healing will be simple!