Remember: As the Body of Christ, we don’t have a lack of money! God has provided every dollar we will ever need not only to have all our needs met, but also to bless others.

When you’re feeling lack, what you need is to get hold of God’s Word about your finances and have a renewing of your mind concerning money in your life. The devil would like to keep you thinking you will never have an abundance of money. That’s a lie!

We daily need our minds renewed to the truth about God’s plan for the prosperity of His people. When we place our faith in the living God (Matt. 25:21), seek His kingdom (Matt. 6:33), and walk in the truth of His Word (3 John 1:;2-4), diligently sow our financial seed (Proverbs 3:9-10), and consistently believe and say what His Word says about our finances (2 Corinthians 4:13), we will begin to live in the overflowing blessings of abundance God has provided.

The prosperous life for the Christian is ours! Our job is to take hold of it and live abundantly!