Every day, commitments of honor are required of you in your job and it can be hard. It’s a choice between God’s honor and man’s. One brings true and sure success…and one brings shallow, temporal success that ends in ultimate failure.


To Succeed Honorably in Your Job, Love God First

God is faithful to honor you when you act honorably. That’s because you are acting in something that originated in Him! He is honorable. When you operate in Him and out of love for Him, you operate in honor.

Man’s definition of honor is quite different. Honor in the world comes from men and is given to men. Everything is done to gain the prestige, power and authority that other men can give. It’s temporal, short-lived and dishonorable in view of what some men will do to get it.


To Succeed Honorably in Your Job, Choose God’s Way

To be honorable requires an act of the will, an act which triggers and releases all that God has provided for us. It requires a choice between God’s Word and the subtleties and deceptions of the world. It requires a choice between the Spirit and the flesh. It boils down to a choice between standing and falling. If you are honorable, you will stand. If you are dishonorable, you are guaranteed to fall.


To Succeed Honorably in Your Job, Start With God’s Word

“Brother Copeland,” you may say, “I see the value of honor and I want to walk in it. But where do I begin? How can I ‘find’ this honor that comes from God only?”

Start with God and His Word. He can make you honorable. He has already honored you with His own life, with what the Bible calls eternal life. As you get into His Word, and allow it to get on the inside of you, honor will well up in you so full, you’ll have no desire to walk in anything else. You will speak the truth and take your words seriously. You will be able to make commitments and keep them.


To Succeed Honorably in Your Job, Seek God’s Approval Only

Seek honor from God only. Jesus did not play man’s superficial games. Instead He sought God’s honor only (John 5:41-44). The world gives “honor” or medals or titles in order to boost one’s own sense of self-worth. It is a dishonor to God, however, to seek the honor of others rather than that which comes only from the Lord.

I made a decision over 25 years ago to walk in the honor that comes from God. I made a choice to stand on my word, and His Word, and to walk in integrity. I made a choice to please Him and not men at any cost. I made a choice to stand and not fall, and I’m still standing. You can keep standing, too, and succeed honorably in your job. Think about it. Pray about it. Then choose the honor that comes from God. When God honors you, what difference does it make what anyone else thinks?