Brother Kenneth and Gloria’s personal conviction is to tithe on the gross of all income—including gifts—that comes into their hands (Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:8-11). Ultimately, everyone needs to spend time with God and receive His direction where tithing and giving is concerned. 

Tithing on gifts may require direction from God. Some gifts, such as money, can be easy to determine the tithe on. But what if the gift is an object other than money? For example, if someone is given a $50,000 automobile and they do not have $5,000 available, does God expect him to get a loan to pay the tithe? Probably not. That’s why it is important for every believer to be led of the Lord where their tithing and giving is concerned. If a believer truly seeks the Lord’s direction regarding how to honor the Lord from a gift, he can be assured of receiving His direction (John 16:13).

Tithing is ultimately an act of worship to the Lord, and it should be done in an attitude of love and thanksgiving. We encourage believers to trust the Lord in the area of their finances.