Question of the Day

Question of the Day

When Kenneth and Gloria started their journey of faith they had question too - lots of them! So, we've compiled the most frequent asked questions by people like you - people who earnestly desire to find God's answers to the practical, real-life challenges of everyday living. We have a new question every day, so check back often.

September 1

Q: Should I do business with non-Christians?

A: Certainly none of us can go through a day without interacting with non-Christians.

However, when we have decisions to make about contractual work or other types of business where our quality of life will be affected, we will be better off entering into relationships with people and companies with good reputations and high integrity.

Let God guide you. In everything we do in life, if we will simply seek Him for direction and allow Him to unfold His plan for us, we can be happily surprised when we see the outcome.

So, ask Him what to do with your business decisions. And do your due diligence in checking people and companies out and in fulfilling your part of making good decisions.

Resource: Go back to your December 2010 Believers’ Voice of Victory magazine, and read John Copeland’s article, "The Business of Forgiveness," for some good insight in doing business.