Sowing and Reaping

I received a 280 Fold Return on my seed sown to KCM in March 2018 in Sales.

God answers when you pray right…blessings running over.

On FaithTV, on 13/04/18, I watched Pst. Gloria and Pst. Billye is on BVOV. As it aired, both talked about Pst. Graham’s prayer, how God led him to pray right about finances; “claim your financial blessings, send your angels to bring them in and bind the devil from touching it.” So I went to work […]

Far more than I could ever imagine

We are a family of sowers. I never understood the reaping factor though. Then 2017 it dawned on me and a year of expectancy lay ahead…..I believed God for a grandson. January, I felt a butterfly in my abdomen….Mother’s experience in pregnancy. 6 February, I saw God place a baby in open hands……God asked me […]

TOEFL exam money

Sometime in 2015, I planted my partner’s seed, asking for prayer for direction as to where to find a place to study for a PhD. Early this year, I found a place in Canada. However, one of the application requirements was that I take a TOEFL exam, which in Zimbabwe was going to be difficult […]

‘Everything Is Going to Be All Right!’

“I talked about the mighty wave that’s just offshore. And that, as it comes in, you’re seeing it now. But it’ll increase and increase. And at first it looks like a tidal wave. But then you’ll realize it’s a tsunami of the power of the Spirit of God. It is a tsunami of the glory […]