A few years back, I struggled to get a professional job as I graduated with a University degree; I spent 7 years without a proper job, one day I just made a call to greet my Dad in the village, and he said my son, you can plant a seed to KCM ministry to get […]

Sowing and Reaping

I received a 280 Fold Return on my seed sown to KCM in March 2018 in Sales.

God answers when you pray right…blessings running over.

On FaithTV, on 13/04/18, I watched Pst. Gloria and Pst. Billye is on BVOV. As it aired, both talked about Pst. Graham’s prayer, how God led him to pray right about finances; “claim your financial blessings, send your angels to bring them in and bind the devil from touching it.” So I went to work […]