Let Me Have Time With You!

“I will increase it in your life. I’ll cause it to bring forth manifestations in your life. Just relax and enjoy it. You don’t have to work at My WORD all the time. Let My WORD work in you. Relax and enjoy it. Study it, yes. Read it, yes. Listen to it, yes. Talk about […]

‘Take Command Over Time!’

“Spending that time with Me,” saith The LORD, “is vital not only to your future but your moment-to-moment life, day in and day out. You have relegated My miracle-working power and My work in your life far too much to the future. Faith is now! Yes, you had to learn how to take The WORD, […]

‘Come Up to This Place’

“Have faith in God and come up here,” saith The LORD. “Come up to this place. Come up to the throne of grace. Come up. Come up. Come out from among them and be separate,” saith The LORD God Almighty, “and see if this is not the better way—the best way. The way. The only […]

Faith Has Dominion

“I foresaw it, then I commanded it. Ask ye of Me things to come concerning the work of My sons, and the work of My hands command ye Me. For it is in the power of seeing into your tomorrow that you can command it to be done, for faith has dominion over your tomorrow. […]

Ready for an Outpouring

“Yes. I have an outpouring ready. It’s already begun and you are key issue to it. You are key personnel. “Listen to Me. Rise up and spend time with Me. I have a plan and My plan is good. I have THE BLESSING and that’s the place to be in 2009. And if you will […]

God Is Infinite

“Learn to speak of those things that are marvelous in your eyes; the work of The LORD and the moving of His awesome self. His greatness and His—His mighty bigness cannot be measured. But we have to understand that He is as small as He is huge. You cannot fathom the greatness and the bigness […]

Spend Time With The LORD

“There are many of you here today, that same Word applies to you. So rejoice. There is no private interpretation of My WORD. I’ll carry it out. I’ll do what I said. And if you will listen to Me, and let Me design your plan, and let Me call you into it; be patient with […]

When the Dream Comes Alive

“You can get things more real on the inside of you than it seems like they are on the outside. You can possess things that are already in heaven that haven’t even manifest yet and it’ll get so real that when it does manifest, it’s just kind of an ‘old hat’ thing with you. You’ve […]

And I Will Bless You Beyond Your Means

“The manifestation of THE BLESSING,” saith The LORD, “is at an all­-time high. You are approaching a blessing manifestation of glory that is an explosion in ways and in intensity that the human race has never seen before. It will look in the spirit the way terrorism looks in the natural, as if it is absolutely everywhere and […]

I Will Honor Your Prayers

The word of The LORD came to me. “I will never leave you. I will never forsake you, even to the ends of the world. Stay with Me,” saith The LORD. “Walk with Me. Listen to My voice. Listen in your spirit man. I’ll talk to you. I’ll lead you and I’ll guide you. Forget […]