‘Go to the Root!’

“Tragic things have been happening in your nation. Terrible, horrible things. But don’t forget. Never forget. Don’t look at the situation on the surface. Always go to the root of the problem. Search it out. Keep looking. Keep searching. Keep praying in the spirit. I will show it to you. And as you praise Me […]

‘Inquire of Me’

“Don’t do things,” saith The LORD, “large things or small things, without inquiring of Me. For many, many things that look small to you are big in My eyes. And many things that look big to you are small in My eyes. So inquire of Me. Don’t just say, ‘I’m going to go.’ No. Inquire […]

‘My Time Has Come!’

“Why should you be so astounded and shocked at the dominating power of My WORD? Every moment, every second that this planet has been alive I planned every tick of the clock from then until now, and I can name every moment. I can call every second by name. And you are divinely placed in […]

‘I Have a Plan’

“Don’t be so concerned about what you see coming on the earth. Don’t be so concerned about what you see coming in this nation. I am The LORD your God. I am watching over you. I have a plan. It is a good plan. It is a good plan for you. I’ve had a good […]

This Nation Will Be Reborn

Meditate on these things. Make big of these things. Don’t talk about ISIS. Don’t talk about the things the devil is doing. Those are small things. Oh, they look terrible and all of that, but I’ve been dealing with him for centuries and he is a very, very small devil. I dealt with pharaohs of […]

I Am Lifting You Up With Me

“This is the coming – this is the year of the open door and it’s a door opened to higher places in the realm of the kingdom. For I am lifting you up with Me. You will learn to see things through My eyes. You’ll walk with Me. I’ll walk with you. And disasters will […]

‘You’re Going to Understand’

“You’re going to be glad the way this election turns out. You’re going to see and know things. You’re going to understand things that you didn’t even know you knew. I have a revealing going on. There is a revealing going on to My people. You’re going to be called on by other people. They’re […]

‘We Look Up!’

“You are as, My people and partakers of My grace and partakers of My life,” saith The LORD Jesus, “you are, as My people, deeply involved—a heavy, strong part of something that is far greater than your imaginations right now can conceive. And little by little I’m pulling back the veil and allowing you to […]

‘Continue to Walk in My Love!’

“You’re going to see the same example take place in the very near future because people have begun to thumb their nose in My face. I’m not to the point where I will not forgive, but I have turned many things and many people over to a reprobate mind. And when you get in that […]

‘Right Where You’re Supposed to Be’

“There’s never been a generation before now,” saith The LORD, “that has the place of hearing and knowing My plans and walking in them that you, your generation, have been chosen to be in this time. Yes, it’s a dangerous time. Yes, it’s a strong time. Oh, yes, it’s a time of great need. It’s […]