Watch for Me!

“The nation of Venezuela is very special in My eyes,” saith The LORD. “This nation was dedicated to Me many, many, many years ago. Most people have forgotten it. Many people today don’t even know about it. But I haven’t forgotten about it,” saith The LORD. “I have not forgotten, nor have I taken My […]

‘My Plan Is Taking Place!’

“There is an increase all over the earth, a release from heaven, through the earth, to the people who are hungry for the things of the Spirit. For this is a time of greater release of revelation of My Word and truth,” saith The LORD, “than has happened in past days ever before. For you […]

‘Eden Time Has Come!’

“Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over it,” thus saith The LORD. “I am The LORD of the harvest. I always do My part, but when you don’t give Me anything to work with, I cannot move in on you without an invitation. I am The LORD of the harvest,” […]

‘Words From Heaven’

“Words from heaven are available to you 24 hours a day if you know Me as Lord and Savior. I have guaranteed these things for you. I have given them to you and I will personally back it when you inquire of the Father. And He will tell you and do for you the same […]

‘This Is My Time!’

The word of The LORD just came to me saying, “I planned, I marked and I spoke before the foundation of the world concerning this land, its purpose, this nation and its place before Me in these times in which you live. No man can take it from Me. No. No idea can remove it […]

‘I’ve Not Forgotten You’

“There are some city elections coming up in the city of Milwaukee…. There are some city elections coming up. You pray. I’ll tell you how to vote. But I can tell you right now, you are going to be pleased with these elections. And this city is turning around and the power of the living […]

A Time of Great Opportunities

“It’s a time of great wealth for you. A time of opportunities, great opportunities…. You tell them to get their eyes on Me…I’ve got a plan. I’ve got something going here. I’ve got it working. They can walk in it…. Continue to stay in My rest….Heaven’s release is continuing to increase. It’s building up. Enjoy […]

‘The Flood Is On!’

“Now you saw firsthand what a flood and outpouring can do when it falls on natural land and natural things. It goes into places where it never was intended to be. There’ll be water in places where nobody wanted water. And there’ll be water higher than anybody wanted to be. And the water begins to […]

‘I’m Raising Up a People’

“I’m moving by My Spirit,” saith The LORD. “I’m raising up a people that will listen to what I say. I’m raising up a people that will believe My WORD and are glad and thrilled to lay hold and lay claim what I say in My WORD. Those that have a desire to be like […]

Beyond Exceeding Abundantly

“I’ll do things for you that are exceeding abundantly beyond anything you can ask or think if you will just exercise some faith toward Me, and just talk about the faith of God among you and your family and see if I’ll do these things in the land of the living,” saith The LORD, King […]