Spiritual Lifting

Praise God. For a while, I wondered if God loved me. I started a prayer asking Him to reveal His love for me. When I got Brother Kenneth teaching about the love of God, I knew that God had answered my prayers. I am now changing from Glory to Glory as I behold. To God […]

‘Things Are Changing!’

“I know,” saith The LORD, “that the pressure is on. I know that the forces of darkness have pressed and pushed and attempted to overcome not only this nation, but are trying to overcome My people all over the world. He thinks this is his time because he understands that the time is so short. […]

This Is the Time I’ve Been Looking For!’

“There are those that think they’ve gotten rid of Me,” saith The LORD. “There are those who think if they ignore Me, then I’ll have little to say and little to do in their lives. But I have dealt with such matters. For many, many, many years I have dealt with government leaders. I have […]

2013—The Year of Great GRACE’

“2013—The Year of Great GRACE…. “Stay where you are! Stay steady! Your greatest BLESSING ever is at hand. No one can stop My plan for you. It’s a BLESSED plan. STAY ON MY WORD. Stay strong in faith! Insist on walking in My commandment of love. NO DEVIL, NO GOVERNMENT, NO MAN CAN CURSE WHAT […]

‘His Plan Is in Place!’

“The Spirit of The LORD has planned to take care of every situation in every life that has obeyed Him and come to this meeting. His plan is in place! Every miracle that it takes has been set aside for you. And for those of you who are attending by Internet, those of you who […]

‘Now, What About 2011?’

Now, what about 2011? What is in store? What is God saying about it? It will be a time of changes. It’ll be the best of times and it’ll be the worst of times. The biggest amount of change will come in the harvest”…what is harvest to one man is judgment to another one ’cause […]

Relax, Rest and Rejoice!

“Have no fear of this world. I’ve overcome it,” saith The LORD. “I left nothing, absolutely nothing that faith won’t overcome. I left it no power. I left it no strength. It has nothing over you. So, you hear this about 2011. What will it be like? I’ll tell you exactly what it’ll be like,” […]

‘I Need You!’

“These are very special times,” saith The LORD. “These are My days. This is your and My time,” saith The LORD God. “Your time has come! Hallelujah. I need you,” saith The LORD. “I need you strong. I need you healed. I need you filled with faith. I need you strong in the love of […]

‘Don’t Cut Me Short!’

“Have you not understood and realized by now that My goodness and My mercy and My love and My care for you far surpass anything you can possibly imagine or think? Don’t you remember in My WORD where it says I am able to do exceeding abundantly above everything you can ask or think? Don’t […]

Pay Attention to Me”…. My System Is Stronger Than Ever’

“Don’t pay attention to or make any plans based on what the media says or what the politicians say. Stand on My WORD in John 16. Pay attention to Me. I [the Holy Spirit] will obey verses 13-15. I will show you things to come. I will lead you through troubled times. I already have […]