‘I Will Restore’

“Now, I’ll do the same for you,” saith The LORD, “I’ll do the same for anybody. I came to destroy the works of the devil, and I will destroy everything the cankerworm has stolen from you, I will absolutely put it away. I will restore, I will restore, I will restore. Redemption and restoration are […]

And I Will Bless You Beyond Your Means

“The manifestation of THE BLESSING,” saith The LORD, “is at an all­-time high. You are approaching a blessing manifestation of glory that is an explosion in ways and in intensity that the human race has never seen before. It will look in the spirit the way terrorism looks in the natural, as if it is absolutely everywhere and […]

A New Breed of Believer’

“There is a mighty army in the land,” saith The LORD. “My army, My men and women. My armed family are rising up and taking their place in the authority of My kingdom, and the dominion that I released on Adam of old is now coming alive throughout the earth. And there are those that […]