This Is Our Time!

“For the word of the Lord has come to me this morning saying, ‘Heaven is on the move. The kingdom of God is being stirred from its roots right up to the throne of the living God. For this is our time!’ saith The LORD. ‘This is your and my day. This is our time. […]

Consider Me!

“Now you’ve sung this song and you’ve worshipped Me with this song,” saith The LORD, “and you consider the worlds that My hands have made and that’s a good thing. But,” thus saith The LORD, “walk in it. Don’t consider bad news. Don’t consider lies and tales of the devil. Don’t consider these things. Consider […]

Stand on My WORD!

“If you will take the things that I have shared with you; and if you will use My WORD; and if you will use the power that you received when you receive the Holy Ghost; and if you will stand on My WORD; all the spirits that have been dogging your track will flee in […]

‘I Commend You for Your Stand!’

“Many, many, many in this room that it has looked long and it’s looked hard. Don’t allow satan to put you under condemnation. You didn’t realize, nor did you understand in many cases what kind of enemy you were up against. And in some places, in most cases where you thought you failed, I don’t […]

‘I’ve Longed for This Day!’

“Oh! I’ve longed for this day,” saith The LORD. “You are just now beginning to have a small concept and a small idea of what it’s like to desire heaven and what it’s like to desire to be over on the other side. You’re just getting a little taste of it. The Apostle Paul got […]

We’re Not Going Out Empty-Handed

“Don’t ever say, don’t ever say, ‘Well, there’s not anything going on in my area.’ Don’t ever say, ‘Well, there’s not anything going on in my country.’ ‘Oh yeah, but Brother Copeland, you don’t understand what kind of leaders we have.’ Oh don’t. No! The LORD said don’t ever say things like that. “You remember […]

‘Come On Up Here’

“Don’t be so quick to declare what can’t happen because it’s impossible. Inquire of Me,” saith The LORD. “All things are possible with Me. I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you things that you never dreamed of before. I’m always searching to and fro for those to whom I can show Myself strong. I will […]

2013—The Year of Great GRACE’

“2013—The Year of Great GRACE…. “Stay where you are! Stay steady! Your greatest BLESSING ever is at hand. No one can stop My plan for you. It’s a BLESSED plan. STAY ON MY WORD. Stay strong in faith! Insist on walking in My commandment of love. NO DEVIL, NO GOVERNMENT, NO MAN CAN CURSE WHAT […]

A Time of Great Opportunities

“It’s a time of great wealth for you. A time of opportunities, great opportunities…. You tell them to get their eyes on Me…I’ve got a plan. I’ve got something going here. I’ve got it working. They can walk in it…. Continue to stay in My rest….Heaven’s release is continuing to increase. It’s building up. Enjoy […]

‘The Flood Is On!’

“Now you saw firsthand what a flood and outpouring can do when it falls on natural land and natural things. It goes into places where it never was intended to be. There’ll be water in places where nobody wanted water. And there’ll be water higher than anybody wanted to be. And the water begins to […]