Faith to Faith

You Know Who You Are!

5 April 2018

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Six thousand years have come and gone. The seven thousandth year of which you and I know is a very, very special time and it’s right here. It’s right here. We’re being pressed. Six thousand years on one side, and the seven thousandth year on the other, and you’re in a small place,” saith The LORD. “It’s no more than a sliver of time. It is so, so small. If you only knew…if you could only see it the way I see it,” saith The LORD, “oh, you’d be a whole lot more excited about it than you are. You would be a whole lot more involved than you are. Because in that little, small sliver of time, all that I promised would take place will take place.

“So, it is being compressed and compressed and compressed, and you know what happens under compression. Speed! Explosive spiritual matters are at hand. So rejoice. Rejoice, for the time has come,” saith The LORD. “The time has come for there to be revealed more and more and more and more and more and more and more. Where it took years to build and receive revelation from heaven, and words from heaven, and to know and to have concept,” saith The LORD, “oh, but the time is here. Everything is speeding up. Hallelujah. Ask Me. I’ll show you. Take Me at My word. I’ll reveal it. And understand this: I’m more excited about it than you are. You haven’t even been pressing in a hundred years. I’ve had this on My heart and mind since the beginning of time. Don’t you understand this? Hallelujah! It’s here.

“So, give praise and honor. And resist the very thoughts that would come to you and say, Don’t just be still and just don’t be pushing into this because you’re not a prophet. You’re not even a pastor. Well, you’re not even an evangelist or a teacher. You certainly are not an apostle. Yeah, but you know who you are. You know who you are. You’re a carrier of the Name. That’s your name. That is yours and that name unlocks the treasure house of glory.”