Faith to Faith

When the Dream Comes Alive

25 August 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“You can get things more real on the inside of you than it seems like they are on the outside. You can possess things that are already in heaven that haven’t even manifest yet and it’ll get so real that when it does manifest, it’s just kind of an ‘old hat’ thing with you. You’ve already done your shouting, maybe years ago, but it comes to pass and you just put it into service. Things like that happen when that dream comes alive on the inside of you. It will eventually take upon itself faith, and as it does, so it will come into reality in this world,” saith The LORD. “And if you will learn how to do these things and spend time with Me, I’ll train you and teach you and you’ll walk in places you never dreamed you would ever be.”