Faith to Faith

We Are Blessed!

8 March 2008

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Oh my, we are a chosen generation. We are a generation that has stepped into an era where no other generation has ever been. No other people have ever been this close to the catching away of the Church in this, this deep into the end times. No other people has seen so much technological advancement. But what is greater—no other generation has seen such spiritual advancement—as what we’ve seen in the last 50 years in this world. Praise God! You have blessed us, blessed us, blessed us and the best is yet to come. Oh. Oh, but yes, revelation is now flowing on ways to activate the power of God—by faith, by love, by anointing through the outpouring of THE BLESSING in measureless ways. In overflowing content and abundance like no other people before have ever seen. It’s been seen by a few and a handful in all generations. Someone has always been here that has seen it, in the Spirit. Even when Jesus was born there were those in the Temple that knew who He was. They had seen it in the spirit. God has always had His witness in the earth. And He always will. Ah, but this generation is the ‘multitude of witnesses generation.’ We are standing not only in the millions, but tens of millions, and we are moving toward the billion mark of Holy Spirit. Baptized, tongue-talking, Holy Ghost-moving, healing, believing, power-outpouring, blessed humanity people. We are multiplying faster than any other race on the face of the earth. For we are a new race, we’re born out of all races, we are the regenerated. We are the glorious ones, we are the born again, born of The WORD—soon to be glorified and caught up with Him in glory.” Shout amen, somebody!