Faith to Faith

Watch for Me!

29 August 2015

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“The nation of Venezuela is very special in My eyes,” saith The LORD. “This nation was dedicated to Me many, many, many years ago. Most people have forgotten it. Many people today don’t even know about it. But I haven’t forgotten about it,” saith The LORD. “I have not forgotten, nor have I taken My hand off of this land.

“The time of The LORD for Venezuela has come.

“Oh, but Lord, there’s so much ungodliness in the land. Have you forgotten what I said in My Word? I’m not looking at the sin, for where sin does abound My grace does much more abound. This is a time of great grace. Watch for Me in the streets. Watch for Me in the government houses. Watch for Me in the churches. I am walking the streets of the cities of this nation. Watch for me. Watch for me. Watch for me among the young people, among the children, among the young men and women. Look for Me. I am pouring out My Spirit on the young people of this nation, and it will flow throughout all South America. Amen. It’s here now.

“The news of your faith has spread throughout all of the Latin world. Amen. Mexico is talking about the faith of Venezuela. Guatemala is talking about the faith of Venezuela. El Salvador is talking about the faith of Venezuela. They are talking about your faith all over the United States.

“I’ll tell you, someone else that’s heard about your faith. The devil has heard about it! He’s afraid of it. He’s on the run. Keep the pressure on him! Keep The WORD on him! Keep the Name of Jesus on him. Put him out of this nation,” thus saith The LORD.