Faith to Faith

This Nation Will Be Reborn

20 January 2015

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

Meditate on these things.  Make big of these things.  Don’t talk about ISIS.  Don’t talk about the things the devil is doing.  Those are small things.  Oh, they look terrible and all of that, but I’ve been dealing with him for centuries and he is a very, very small devil.  I dealt with pharaohs of old who make these people look like pikers.  I jerked the slack out of those pharaohs before, and I will do it again. 

“All this talk about a caliphate. They’ll never get it done.  I will not allow them to come together.  I’ve scattered them before and I’ll scatter them again.  They will never come before Me as a unified force.

“My nation, My people are rising up.  This nation is rising again.  This nation will be reborn and you won’t even recognize it as the old.  I am bringing back the land of Israel.  They will not stand in My property,” saith The LORD God of hosts!  “I’m dispatching My armies.