Faith to Faith

‘This Is the Hour of Your Victory’

8 March 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“I have set this time for you, saith The LORD. “I have set in motion an open door so that by faith you can walk through it and no devil or no human being can close the door on what I’ve called you to do and your success as a believer. I will not, I will not, I will not push you through that door. I will lead you through that door but you must be determined to rise up and declare your blessing and when you do, together we will go through the door and all the times in past days and past times when you’ve risen up to do what I’ve called you to do and what I’ve anointed you to do, and you’ve made decisions and got slapped back down again and again and again, get up! Get up! Get up and declare My WORDs, saith The LORD; for your victory is at hand in greater measure than ever before. Not because of greater work and labor on your part but because of your faith in THE BLESSING and your inheritance is at hand. Rise up and head through the door. This is the hour of your victory. You will not fail it.” Hallelujah.