Faith to Faith

‘This Is My Time!’

12 May 2012

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

The word of The LORD just came to me saying, “I planned, I marked and I spoke before the foundation of the world concerning this land, its purpose, this nation and its place before Me in these times in which you live. No man can take it from Me. No. No idea can remove it from My eyes. I have My heart in this place. I know and I see and I understand. So fear not. Rejoice! I will call to your mind and call to your remembrance and thinking about a certain pharaoh who thought he had wiped Me out. Aha! I dealt with him. I have dealt with the pharaohs in the past. They have never presented anything new before Me, and I sit in the heavens and I laugh at the foolish plans of satan. Ha! Ha! Ha! And every time you hear someone say, every time you hear the news media declare, every time you hear the words of fear, doubt and unbelief, Oh! What is going to happen to us! Oh! Are we going to be destroyed? you just simply say, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’ Yes. Amen.

“I will ask you this: Does My WORD not say that when you accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior that I lifted you up and caused you to sit in heavenly places with Me? Did I not say in My WORD, and do you recall the scripture, that said I have placed all things under His feet, and that I have called you to be the fullness of Him that filleth all and all, and you sit with Him in heavenly places? Did I not say it?” saith The LORD. “Then I join you and I’m asking you to join Me as we look down upon the satan that thinks he’s so much, but he is so little—that thinks that he is so dangerous. How could he be? He has no power. Not over you. For you see, sin does not have the power to lord it over you. So I join you and I invite you to join Me as, together, we look upon him—we look upon his works, we look upon his attempts to destroy the Body of Christ and all of the works that we have done over these many centuries together,” praise The LORD, and praise The LORD. “And rejoice,” saith the God of grace. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Glory to God. I join you and I invite you to join Me as you look upon his works and say, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’

“And if you will listen with all of your heart tonight, I have given forth and will give forth [a] message tonight that if you will apply it, if you will incline your ear to it, you will hear those things that you need with which to take authority over all that he has done in your life, all he has done in your family, all he has done in your finances, and all he has done to try to destroy you. And I can tell you this: He will not be laughing at you anymore. Amen.” Thus saith The LORD of hosts. Thus saith The LORD of grace. Thus saith the King of kings. Thus saith He that sits on the throne. “For this is My time,” saith The LORD, “and we’ll enjoy it together. Hallelujah.”