Faith to Faith

This ‘Great Awakening’

4 July 2009

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

(Tongues) “This ‘Great Awakening’ that is hanging heavy over the United States even tonight. This ‘Great Awakening’ that’s hanging heavy around the nations of the world but most especially in this country and in Canada. This ‘Great Awakening’ that is hanging there, just hanging there to be realized and to be, to be flowed and released throughout this nation and throughout the nation of Canada, and then in turn throughout the rest of the world.

“The prayer, the prayer, the prayer, the prayer that’s gone forth. The prayer that is going forth, that’s where the power release is. That’s where the trigger to these things is, that’s the way you release them in your church. And thus saith The LORD thy God, “In this hour these churches that are teaching and training people to pray of which are on this list and many others also, those are the churches where the explosion and the Shekinah glory of God will be manifest first.

“The praying churches will walk in it first. And they’ll say, ‘My, revival broke out over there.’ No, answered prayer broke out over there. The ‘Awakening’ will come out of congregations. There is a hunger in this nation for holiness. Holiness—real truth, Bible purity before God—and people will run into houses of worship where the glory of God is residing and hanging heavy. And they’ll say, ‘Clean, clean, clean! Oh to be clean, to be clean.’ And they’ll run into that atmosphere and My blood will cleanse them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet.

“And My WORD will take root on the inside of them, and this nation is headed for a Holy Ghost wake-up call. It is on us now—you rejoice, for we’ll see it before many hours go by.” Hallelujah.