Faith to Faith

‘These Are the Days’

20 August 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“These are the days prophesied by prophets of old. These are the days that looked so far distant and way in the future by generations that have gone by. These are the days that I have longed for as your LORD and your Savior. These are the last days. These are the times of the end. You’re the generation that will do final hours of combat in the spirit and wrought victory, after victory, after victory, that your ancestors before you could see dimly in the realm of the spirit, but it is not dim to you.

“You are walking in that light. You are walking as that generation and they’ve gone before you and they’ve sown seed for you. And they have believed for you and they’re pulling for you right now. So rise up in words of faith and words of joy and fill your mouth with victory. Fill your hand with My WORD. Fill your life with faith. Fill up on My things, and My WORD and My God, My God, My God shall overwhelm and overthrow all of the opponents that will array themselves against you. For all of them know that they have to bow their knee, and they understand—more than you know—that you are the generation that will wrought victory over them and you will run rough­shod over them. So run—don’t walk—run over your enemy and victoriously give your LORD praise!” saith The LORD. Hallelujah.