Faith to Faith

‘The Work Has Already Been Done!’

27 February 2014

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

“Special days. Special times have come. Ah, these may not seem as special to you as they do to Me,” saith The LORD. “See, I’ve been looking forward to this a whole lot longer than you have. I’ve been planning this a whole lot longer than you have. And I already see the end and the beginning. I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. And it is time,” saith The LORD, “for you to rejoice because all of heaven is rejoicing.

“The time has come. Oh! Soon! Soon! Soon! Oh, sooner than that! Soon and very soon there’s a great change coming. Yes! Oh yeah. There’s a great change at hand—right now in the progress of this natural, physical world. All the times and the things that have been said and gone before have come to a climax, and there’s great changes occurring in the realm of the spirit.

“Oh yes! And it’s to be rejoiced about and it’s to be shouted about. But, oh, let Me tell you! Oh, let Me tell you! Heaven is not just rejoicing over the deliverance of the nation of the United States of America. Heaven is not just rejoicing over the times that are at hand and the great increase in the gathering of souls all over the world. Heaven is rejoicing because the work has already been done and Jesus is coming sooner than you think!”