Faith to Faith

‘The Time Is Here!’

8 July 2016

Prophecy delivered at 2016 Southwest Believers' Convention by Kenneth Copeland

“Oh, there are people. They all have a plan for your financial security. Oh, they have a plan for you to do this, and they have a plan for your health, and they have a plan for all that. Well, I want you to know I have a better plan than that. It’s THE BLESSING plan! Hallelujah. And it’s My people working together. And I’ll confirm The WORD in your life. And you will see miracles under your own hand that you never dreamed you would see—even with somebody else praying for people. For the time is here. It has come. And the best is yet to come, and the worst is yet to come.

“Ah! But you’re on THE BLESSING side! You’re on the best side! The best is yet to come! And for those who insist on living by faith, those who insist in keeping and walking in the commandment of love, those who insist on staying in My WORD night and day—for the household of faith, everything is going to be all right!”