Faith to Faith

The Name of Jesus

9 August 2008

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

Hallelujah. “Understand,” saith The LORD, “My Name is your name. I have given you My Name, not only the authority to use it, but heaven knows you by that Name. All of heaven recognizes that you are family; that you are spirit of My Spirit, one spirit with Me, bone of My bone, and flesh of My flesh. My blood has been reckoned to you. Praise the Name of the Father because His way is that way. His way is the reason that was brought to pass. I have given you everything I have.

“Do you not remember in My WORD when I said all that the Father has is Mine? And the Holy Spirit when He would come would take what’s Mine and show it unto you. I say again all that the Father has is Mine and He will take what’s Mine and show it unto you. Because all that I have is yours. Fear not, little flock. It gives your Father great pleasure to give you the Kingdom. It is yours, walk in it. Sojourn in it and know who you are for your name is My Name, and My Name is your name. And when you speak the devils tremble—when you speak it knowing in whom you have trusted and believe.” Give The LORD praise. Hallelujah.