Faith to Faith

The Lord Is Leading Us

12 July 2007

Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

The word of The LORD just came to me that, all of the angels are working towards this manifestation that God has had planned. That God has been working on all of us, not just Jerry and me, but all of us—all of those that have preached The LORD in faith. Preached it in Holy Ghost power and anointing. Some have just started, many have preached longer than we have, but all of us together have been headed toward something. We’ve been going somewhere all of this time. And God has been working with us, and God has been showing us and God has been lighting the way. And He has been in the  midst of us, in front of us, behind us, under us and over us and He has been preparing something for this generation that is the most overwhelming outpouring of God’s presence, God’s love and God’s power that human beings have ever seen. And a new breed of spiritual warrior is in the land! A new breed! A new breed of men and women and children filled with the Holy Ghost that have learned who they are in Christ, and have the audacity, and have the faith, and have the boldness to just step out in what belongs to them. And take the land for The WORD of the living God and spread the gospel of the kingdom in power and authority! And all the demons of hell are trembling. They know it’s here and they know they can’t stop it!