Faith to Faith

‘The Hour Is Now’!

5 May 2016

Prophecy delivered at Canaanland, Nigeria by Kenneth Copeland

“I’m looking for a people. My eyes are going to and fro,” saith The LORD, the Healer, the God of all grace and mercy. “I’m searching for hearts. I’m calling for those who will make themselves available to Me and believe Me,” saith The LORD, “those who will believe Me for the outlandish, those who will believe Me for beyond the ideas of men, for those who will take Me at My WORD, and carry My presence to the nations.

“I am coming so soon,” saith The LORD. “I am coming so soon. I need every available voice. I need you. Oh! You don’t think I need? You thought you just needed Me, but I need you,” saith The LORD. “You are My words. You are My voice. Without you I’m silent. Without those who will come, without those who will hear Me, without those who will yield themselves to Me, I have no voice. But I’m looking for those. I’m searching for those who will allow Me to step out into the realms of the unknown, out into the realms of the Spirit no man has ever walked before this time. And I will show you great and marvelous and wonderful things,” saith The LORD. “For the time is come, the hour is now, and I am here. Will you go with Me?” saith The LORD Jesus Christ.